Coral and Mint cake smash for Ms. S {Marengo IL 1st year photographer}

May 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Little Ms. S is growing up so fast.  I met her and her parents last fall for some outdoor pictures and she wasn't sitting up just yet.  She is now 1 and oh so beautiful.  She kept us smiling the whole session with her expressions and her favorite new words "what" and "this".  She was pretty serious for her session but did give us some smiles prior to the cake.  Once the cake came out, she was all business. She ate a bit of it but really enjoyed picking it up and smashing it.  She was the last of my 3 girl cake smashes last week and she definitely didn't disappoint.  All the cake smashes were so much fun.  S did enjoy the cake though, she even had some while in the little wash bin cleaning up, she reached over and grabbed a handful of it.  Now that's the life. Eating cake while taking a bath.  LOL. 


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Ms. G's unicorn cake smash {Elgin IL 1st year baby photographer}

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Ms. G was so much fun during her session.  She is so adorable and has the cutest little voice.  She kept saying "hi" to us the whole time.  As any model she needed a break in the middle of the session and she was ready to go again after she had a little snack.  I just love the unicorn theme of her smash and was super excited about this session ever since her momma scheduled it.  And seriously, how lucky did she get to have 2 awesome unicorn cakes.  I guess it's a good thing she liked the cake lol.  Her dad put on some mickey mouse clubhouse songs and she had her own little party at the studio.  I tell you, the "Hot Dog" song does it every time.  Babies love it.  She also had lots of fun with the bath afterwards.  Enjoy some previews from her session. 

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Floral cake smash {Northbrook IL 1 year old photographer}

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The set up for Ms. L's cake smash turned out really beautiful.  She is such a pretty little girl but like many other 1 year olds really fast and likes to be on the move.  L gave her momma a work out during the session. It was so worth it though, we ended up with a beautiful gallery.  I really should add that to my emails to parents because 1 year sessions really can be a workout for the parents, especially for babies that are walking or crawling really fast. LOL.  L also has so much personality, she was such a blast during the session.  Her happy mood and adorable smile made my job easy.  So happy her momma came all the way from Northbrook for a session with EJB.  Thank you so much for trusting me to capture those memories for you. 


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Little stud muffin {Arlington Heights IL baby photographer}

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Mr. H was a cutie pie when he was a newborn but oh my how adorable is he now.  I just love all of his rolls and those dimples are to die for.  He also has so much personality and just loved getting his pictures taken.  I am still smiling thinking about his sitter session.  Mom brought the cutest outfits too.  There are so many choices for little girls but for boys I really love the preppy look outfits and the timeless bare booty ones to remember all these rolls when they are still so cute.  Enjoy some of my favorites from H's session and try not to get baby fever.  


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Baby girl C {Rockford IL newborn photographer}

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What an amazing family.  So happy I got to meet them and honored to capture their precious little bundle of joy.  Before they know she will be heading off to collage.  Speaking from experience here so that is why I love that I am able to help families preserve these precious moments.  She was such a sweetie for her session and we got so many cute set ups.  Enjoy some of my favorites from C's session.  Welcome to the world baby girl.


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